Zoe, Wilfred And Family Enjoy An Anniversary Present

January 7, 2022

Zoe and Wilfred Celebrate 15 Years – In Space!

What better anniversary present could there be for a family that enjoys looking into space than a day at the beach and evening looking through an observatory grade telescope with  Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours.  Zoe’s gift to Wilfred was just that.

The start of January has seen warm weather and very soon after the family with sons Aaron and Brendon  arrived in the early afternoon, they were over enjoying the beach! Dinner then followed before a relaxing evening under the stars gazing deep inside the Orion Nebula at just-born stars and far out into space at distant spiral galaxies. It was a fabulous evening.

The stay with us capped off a special mini holiday. The family from Sydney  had spent a few days in Melbourne visiting family and took the opportunity of staying with us on their return journey.

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