You Know Summer Is Here When Orion Dominates The Night Sky

January 7, 2022

Max, Marina, Oscar And Bas – Meteors And Magic Views!

What a perfect young family holiday … Fun at the beach for a few days and a clear dark starry sky to stir your imagination. Our night for an astronomy tour was ideal: still, clear and comfortably mild temperatures. To add to that,  “seeing” (viewing)  conditions were excellent.

A diverse range of objects from colourful stars and stellar nurseries – a place where stars are formed, to distant galaxies were observed. Our guests were  spellbound and amazed by the what is up there and how small insignificant or invisible objects to the naked eye, are actually bright, incredible objects with features you wouldn’t imagine. Very rewarding and great fun …

“Great stay at Bruce’s place! The highlights of our stay are Bruce Astro Tour, location right on a deserted beach and the peace and quiet”    Max

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