Worth Waiting For – A Late Christmas Delivery

March 19, 2023

Worth Waiting For – A Late Christmas Delivery For Ryan


Sometimes Father Christmas can come late! But Ryan was patient and when finally Hayley’s super surprise was delivered, his patience was rewarded handsomely.

Both Ryan and Hayley have a keen interest in the night sky, but looking through a large telescope had managed to elude them in spite of efforts on their part to the contrary. Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours was to be the place where all that changed; and it did so in spades.

The autumn night skies are special in the southern latitudes. Some of the best objects can be viewed at this time of year. And not only is the sky a treat, but the beach at Honeysuckles’ HQ is also a fabulous destination to enjoy at this time. The couple from outside Melbourne had the pleasure of gazing upon some of the great star forming regions viewed from Earth including the Great Orion Nebula, Tarantula Nebula and the spectacular Carina Nebula with its massive and mysterious colourful star Eta Carinae beaming brightly. Being very high in the sky currently the Carina Nebula’s striking dark dust lanes are a stark black corridor dividing large and light areas of gas throughout the region.

Many other fabulous objects were viewed including two celebrated giant Globular Clusters also found deep in southern latitudes, much to the ongoing delight of residents south of the equator. These two globular clusters are so far ahead of the rest, comparisons are not necessary. They dominate without challengers. The night did not end there. Ryan and Hayley loved every moment of their tour. It was unforgettable and the wait was worth every moment of anticipation they were required to endure 🙂

“This astronomy tour was fantastic! I booked this because my partner loves space, and I also throughly enjoyed it too. The galaxies, stars and other objects that we were lucky enough to see close up, were phenomenal. The telescope was very impressive and the house was cozy, inviting, clean and super close to the beach. We loved our stay and experience, and Bruce was an awesome host! Very warm, fun and energetic – Bruce cooked us a beautiful breakfast in the morning also.
We can’t thank Bruce enough for the experience, we loved our weekend getaway!
Highly recommend this experience ”   Hayley  Google

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