When Harry Met Sina, The Stars Did Shine

October 18, 2022

A Birthday Celebration For The Whole Family


Harry is not your ordinary guy … When he buys his wife Sina a special birthday present, his mother-in-law Rosie is invited too – all the way from Germany! Well, in truth Rosie was already here visiting for five weeks but inclusion was certainly all the go … And so it was for Sina, an astronomy tour with mum along from overseas and three year old nipper, Flinn. As a toddler Flinn’s involvement was understandably limited in the tour itself but the beach and rustic escape were all great fun. The astronomy tour was also a terrific success by the way!

Only Harry had had prior experience looking through a telescope so for our guests it was a fabulous experience. All found the gas giants of our Solar System amazing … and the mind-boggling 500,000 stars in 47 Tucana were also a sight to behold. This object is one of THE stand out sights visible from anywhere on planet Earth. It’s a show stopper every time.

Highlights of the night were many and included Saturn’s beautiful ring system, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and a faraway blue Neptune orbiting in the icy remoteness of our Solar System. NGC 253 – a neighbouring spiral galaxy a mere 12 million light years away, with its 100 billion stars was also an awesome sight … Adjectives are always BIG when you’re talking “Space”  🙂

Happy Birthday Sina!

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