When A Meteorologist Is The Birthday Guest, You Know The Sky Will Be Clear!

August 11, 2023

A Special 50th Birthday Tour Gift For A Man Who Knows The Sky

Chris is a man who predicts our weather and his influence on cloudy matters was in clear evidence for his star gazing tour. Clearly the sky was warned to be clear, (or else!) … and it behaved. It was a wonderful gift provided by Sanja of a two night and day stay with full-on telescope astronomy tour at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours HQ by the beach. The two boys – Luka and Daniel aged twelve and ten, enjoyed the tour looking at the superb very different objects asking excellent questions along the way. For most, the standout object was planet Saturn. It is looking superb.

August this year, Saturn is at its best and will continue to be spectacular for some months to come. The views were sharp and crisp with the Ring System and colourful surface markings easy to see, together with its more prominent moons.  It will be joined by its giant planetary neighbour Jupiter from October/November. The night’s viewing included some of the Southern Sky’s most magnificent wonders. Multiple star systems, millions of light years and colourful shows are on display through the eyepiece. It’s the biggest show in town and would take you a trillion lifetimes to traverse, … unless of course you had the luxury of a large telescope to take you there  🙂

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