Venus To Neptune … Part Of A Journey To Remember

August 13, 2021

Locals John and Rhonda experienced a rare and spellbinding journey from the inner depths to the outer reaches of our Solar System and beyond, on their Astro Tour … And this was just the beginning.

We began with our very own four day old crescent Moon prior to its setting, then visited Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and faraway gas giant Neptune, which rose later in the night. It was a great show of our “neighbourhood” in space. Saturn and Jupiter are excellent viewing currently. Craters, “seas” and mountain ranges are spectacular structures on the Lunar surface and Neptune far, far away at 4.5 billion kms distance, can be identified by its blue colour.

But our telescope tour also visited many other wonderful objects to keep our observers glued to the eyepiece, from 4 light years to 13.5 million light years distant. Nebulae, star clusters, galaxies … One cannot imagine the diversity – you just have to experience it and take the journey yourself …!

“Thank you Bruce for the amazing and informative evening of star and planet gazing, and from a retired teacher’s perspective, I found it very educational. John and I were blown away by the images from our galaxy and beyond, and the clarity of Jupiter and Saturn will stay in our memories forever. We enjoyed this tour so much we wanted to share it, so we have booked a tour as a Christmas gift for other family members. We will definitely book another tour over summer to see some different celestial objects. Thanks again Bruce.”       Rhonda and John

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