The Universe Is A Great Place To Go For Young Minds

April 24, 2023

To Give A Little Perspective On Life, Where Should You Look? 🙂


Up, on a dark and starry night! And a powerful telescope will greatly enhance the experience!!! 🙂 Susannah, Ned and Tom would agree.

It is being discovered that most (possibly almost all?) stars have their own solar system of planets orbiting them. This is an amazing revelation to think that the trillions and trillions of stars in space may each be host to many planets. These solar systems will all vary considerably in how many planets they contain, how big individual planets are, how far from their “sun” etc. But this fact puts our own solar system into a very different perspective when looked at in this light. The occurrence of life is yet another element to bewilder us as the statistical probability of this also takes on a different perspective when considering the number of places this might take seed.

When looking at a star cluster, or galaxy of stars, one can’t help but imagine the possibilities. It’s a great leveler when contemplating ones own relevance in the universe. 🙂 We are important (and impressive) – of course we are, to us. But in the universe we are the “tiniest of the tiniest” and it’s exciting to imagine what else may be out there about which we have not the slightest idea. Welcome to space! Come and have a look and see what you can see … and imagine.

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