The Best Milky Way Views – Under The Stars!

April 14, 2024

Aisha And Terry See The Milky Way At Its Stunning Best

All the way from Wangaratta to (also) spend a fabulous night by the beach, Aisha and Terry’s dream come true of finally seeing the stars “First Class”, came true. Autumn skies are spectacular for their premier objects on display, but the back drop is exquisite with the Milky Way (the central view towards the heart of our galaxy) enjoying its most elevated position for all to enjoy at this time of year at a convenient time in the evening. And we ensure our telescope it pointed high in the heavens to take full advantage of this.

Neither of our guests had ever looked through a telescope before and as anticipated the sights were better than imagined. It’s an experience like no other because guests genuinely have little idea what to expect. In “that dark area of empty black space” there is alas, a galaxy with over 100 billion stars! And that little smudge of no consequence to the naked eye, is in fact a spectacular star forming region which is something the likes of which you have never seen before. You could be looking at millions and millions of stars at enormous distances apart from each other  – right there. More mind blowing is most, if not all would have their own solar system of planets orbiting them. It’s almost impossible to conceive what is in front of your eye! It’s a thrill for the observer and a thrill for us to show such amazing sights to our guests and hear their reaction.

Our tour was a gift from Aisha to Terry, as they often spend dark nights under the stars in the environs of Wangaratta and wonder “what is up there in the stars…” They now have a very good idea. Their curiosity and fascination may bring them back … More fascinating objects and some solar system giants are very alluring to this couple. one suspects… 🙂

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