Sydneysider Nick Enjoys Our Hospitality While Visiting Victoria

May 7, 2024

Nick Is Seeing Some Of Victoria’s Finest Sights

Motoring down from Sydney via Eastern Victoria, Nick is taking in some of the best sights Gippsland has to offer: from the far east and the Ninety Mile Beach, to Wilsons Promontory National Park in the south. He’ll then spend some time in Melbourne with friends before returning back to the Harbour City.

One of his tour highlights was to be a night with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours combining a spectacular night under the stars, with an endless and superb beach – the third longest uninterrupted sand beach in the world: the Ninety Mile Beach. Both lived up to expectations, with nebulae Nick’s favourite views through the telescope.

We were delighted to introduce Nick to some of biggest and best star forming regions known – massive gaseous clouds spanning vast distances in space where new stars are being formed. It makes one get a truly appropriate sense of our miniscule size in the cosmos. Millions of stars, or “suns”, many – or most of which, will have their own solar systems of planets orbiting them, visible in one breathtaking vista through the eyepiece. of the telescope.

For our guest, a round of golf at the famous Dunes Golf Course also awaits in coming days. Highlights abound in Gippsland and Victoria for our guest from New South Wales … and we hope upon returning home he spreads the word so others might return and visit to enjoy the same experiences. 🙂

“Amazing experience of viewing the stars. Bruce was an excellent guide and knew the nightsky like the back of his hand. Also made a ripper of an omelette”    Nick    Google

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