Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Troy

August 24, 2022

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Troy Did Not See This One Coming

When Troy got out of the car and met his host for the night, he still had no idea what Jenna had bought him for his birthday. In fact he was more than a little uncertain of his exact location … It had been a very well kept secret.

Jenna and Troy had in years past spent much time working in Central Australia marveling at our great southern skies on dark nights. So now, Jenna thought the perfect gift would be a night or two away under the stars in another dark sky location but this time looking at them way closer: at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours. And why not throw in a great close up of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune while we’re up there :). An evening was spent between splitting double stars, contemplating millions of stars in one view and watching the splendid majesty of Saturn quietly wowing us in the silence of space.

A beach walk along an endless wilderness beach was also a part of the surprise…

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