Summer Holidays Sand And Stars

January 29, 2023

Tanya, Toni, Miranda And Mia Make A Summer Holiday Go Further!


What better way to spend a balmy summer evening could there be than amazing yourself gazing through an observatory grade telescope at a bright starry night. Tanya organised the evening and a spectacular show was in store. What happens next happens on every tour night – the guests can’t quite believe what they are seeing and what  is up there! And while a naked eye view of the cosmos reveals one thing, a powerful telescope reveals much, much more.

Summer and into autumn is a great time to view the night sky. As usual there are fabulous objects to see that will blow your mind. Additionally, the weather is mild and guests enjoy those conditions – as we do. (Cool nights are easily remedied by wearing the right clothing, so no problems there)

The Great Orion Nebula and giant Tarantula Nebula located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, are two of many fabulous summer sights. They are remarkable star forming regions and present totally differently as gas clouds (nebula). Dramatic is the Tarantula; serene and majestic is Orion. Both incredibly detailed and eye catching and easy to spend many minutes observing the different features in front of you. Yet, even in beautiful dark Honeysuckles skies, to the naked eye these objects are only just visible as insignificant points of light! Everyone should do an astronomy tour to see what really does go on in this world of ours. It’s an education – and a fascinating one at that, that every child and adult would love receiving.
Happy holidays 🙂

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