Spellbinding Saturn Steals The Show For Haleigh And Jordan

November 5, 2023

It’s Hard To Beat The Gas Giants At Their Best

Australian residents  Jordan and Haleigh – formerly from Canada, found their astronomy tour night an amazing experience.

New to looking through a telescope, our large aperture instrument was something of a revelation, providing views of totally unexpected objects visible in a dark sky environment. The southern sky has some beauties and currently the list is added to with the presence of Jupiter and Saturn – our Solar System giants in very favourable positions in relation to Earth. When we point the telescope at these great planets we know to expect an excited response when our tour guests look through the eyepiece. Few can believe how revealing and beautiful the views are with Saturn’s Rings and the exquisite surface detail of both planets clearly visible. With the gas giants we also use different eyepieces showing them at different magnifications which gives varied contexts in which to see them. Also a giant – albeit a lesser “giant”, we saw faraway Neptune. Tiny by comparison as viewed through the telescope, it is nonetheless a very enjoyable moment to think you are looking at our most distant member of the Solar System through the eyepiece, with its distinctive blue hue. Its light takes 4 hours to reach us! The light from our parent star – the Sun, takes only 8 light minutes by comparison.

“Our astronomy tour was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience!! Bruce was knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. We loved our experience at the honeysuckles astronomy tour!”     Haleigh   … Google

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