Saturn, Jupiter and “47 Tuc” Steal The Show

October 17, 2023

Bianca And Alex Had Many Favourites

Holiday makers enjoying a spectacular astronomy tour by the beach ranks as one of the great getaway experiences and Melbourne couple Alex and Bianca did just that. Following a tour we like to ask guests which was their favourite object viewed during the evening. It’s often a near impossible question to answer quickly because so many different objects evoke different responses to observers! Last night, Saturn, Jupiter and 47 Tucanae – a faraway and spellbinding stellar nursery, all stole the prize.

The list of objects was long and varied and included distant Neptune – a large and the most distant planet in our Solar System. Due to its immense distance it is only small in the eyepiece, but nonetheless the unmistakable blue hue was visible. But Neptune was very close compared to the spiral galaxies we also observed during the night.

Whatever an observer’s preferences are, there is always something unexpected and fabulous to see. Guests are in awe of what a dark sky and powerful telescope will reveal to them.


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