Ronit And Rythima Love Our Southern Night Skies

July 9, 2023

The Honeysuckles Dark Skies Present Very Special Views Of The Stars

Arrived from India five years ago and now living in inner Melbourne, Ronit and Rythima were very keen to see what southern hemisphere skies really looked like. Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours looked an ideal location and opportunity to see it at its best. Views from any built up areas these days with stray street lighting and lighting from buildings make the sky almost impossible to enjoy as it should be … Alas, perceived “progress” can come at an enormous cost. Few ever see the world we really live in these days!

The night was cool (it was July after all) but the sky remained clear and the air still for our star gazing adventure. Liking to start our observing guests with viewing interesting, but simple objects, is our way of introducing people to the telescope and looking through an eyepiece. It takes only a little getting used to at first, but once familiar, the world is your oyster and the expansive universe is opened before your very eyes. Ronit and Rythima were taken on a journey they would not imagine and they loved it. Fuzzy tiny objects seen by the naked eye which did little to arouse interest became spectacular sights when viewed through a high powered instrument. Objects not visible at all to the naked eye become galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars. It’s all quite amazing.

Our intrepid space explorers are talking of returning later this year to see a different list of interstellar wonders together with the gas giants of the Solar System – Saturn and Jupiter, which return to our skies starting August and November respectively. It will be another fabulous show for them to tell their friends about. We look forward to seeing them back then 🙂

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