Retirement Present Gets Bruce Fired Up!

February 21, 2023

For An Amateur Astronomer Enthusiast, It Doesn’t Come Much Better


A generous gift for Bruce from his adult children to celebrate his retirement, sees Bruce and Mabelle enjoying an astronomy tour on night one, followed by a couple of days holiday at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours beachside cottage. Bruce is a keen amateur astronomer with his first telescope ready to spend more time on his pet hobby, adding visual to photography, now that retirement provides time and space in which to pursue this passion. This being in addition to Bruce and Mabelle’s dedication to their group which plays South American pan flute music.

A splendid night taking in some of the Southern Sky’s finest has inspired Bruce into building his list of top “go-to” objects he can readily identify, find and observe from near his home in Melbourne. Having not looked through a large telescope previously has brought into sharp focus just what a telescope can do – both large and small. Identifying locations of  these objects between prominent stars often with just the naked eye, in our dark sky location, has been a great catalyst. Both Bruce and Mabelle marveled at the shapes, colours and textures of the different objects viewed and the hundreds of billions of stars they must have observed in just a few short hours … Mind blowing!

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