Rajeev And Family Spend A Great Easter By The Beach And Under The Stars

April 1, 2024

The Sun Was Shining And Galaxies Were Bright

For Rajeev, Preeti, Suryaveer and Laranya, a stay at our beachside cottage for a few days culminating with an astronomy tour, was their Easter “first choice” for 2024. And on the tour front this was to be their first views through a telescope up into the heavens … They were not disappointed.

First up, a star which to the naked eye looks like any other bright star, turns out to actually be multiple stars masquerading as “one” star, this surprise set the tone for the evening … An unexpected marvel awaited around every corner. From a nearby beautiful open cluster of stars in the constellation of Crux containing over 100 stars, to galaxies containing 100 billion stars, the family were delighted with the different objects they viewed. To the youngest, twelve year old Lara, this was eye opening and magnificent: the “real world” that we are a part of.

All had different favourite objects they observed and this is not uncommon in a small observing group. We all have our visual loves and preferences for shape, texture and overall form. The universe easily meets the challenge having the capacity to deliver an array of spectacles that most – if not nearly all new observers are simply amazed with. An astronomy tour with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours will likely take you on a journey you had not dreamed about.

“The best thing for Kids and Grownups. Never imagined seeing galaxies 7000 light Years away. The Telescope used was massive and professional (4 Meters High). The Tour Operator Bruce, was brilliant with the amount of information and Knowledge he provided was incredible. It is necessary to do thing, highly recommended to all families and Individuals. It will make one realise how small Earth is considering the size of this universe.”   Rajeev  Google 

(Our note: Our telescope is approx. 3 metres high when upright … and the galaxies viewed were “millions” of light years distant)

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