Paul Turns 70: Time To Explore Deep Space!

March 3, 2024

Vicky Treats Paul To A Birthday Present Of A Starry Night By The Beach

The night was clear and still … and the sea was blue and inviting. A perfect 70th birthday present for inner-city  Melbourne residents Paul and Vicky. Vicky booked a two night stay at our beach cottage as part of the astronomy tour package.

Paul had on a previous occasion seen planet Saturn through a large aperture telescope, but he had not explored further any of the southern skies great treasures. This was the prefect chance to leisurely observe some of the best. The evening was one surprise after another, with his most memorable moment being a wide-angled view into nearby galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud. Here, captured in the a wide-angled view through the eyepiece the observer could see a number of individual nebulae and star clusters 160,000 light years a way. In the view also, but only on its edge – and which was to be a primary focus shortly after, was the Tarantula Nebula … the largest star forming region known.

The evening was a great success and much enjoyed by Paul. Our tours are great gifts for anyone with a fascination or curiosity of the stars and what can be seen when you are able to look deeply into it. The outcome is amazed guests, never anticipating but always fascinated by what they will see! 🙂

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