Paul And Patsy Return to Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours

July 24, 2023

Different Time Of Year Presents A Different Vista Of Spectacular Views

For past guests Paul and Patsy, a date with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours meant a view of the Southern Skies in winter: this time, with Saturn starring in the eastern sky. August is Saturn’s month of conjunction with Earth this year, meaning the two planets are passing at closest points to each other in their orbits around the Sun. A noticeable feature of Saturn is the changing orientation of its Ring System. Currently our view of them sees the rings appearing more edge on. They are not actually changing. It is simply our position in relation to the ringed planet changes from year to year giving rise to the impression the rings are altering. Every 14 years we return to the same relative position and the rings return to their original position as viewed from Earth.

Saturn was only one of the many objects for viewing. An array of clusters and nebulae are on show at this time of year.

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