One Degree … But The Views Were Cool!

June 11, 2020

One Degree … Abi And Aaron Were Starstruck

Elsie was tucked up warm in bed while mum and dad – braving near zero temperatures, went on a journey through space and time. This was a journey they themselves had waited a long time to take. They were not disappointed.

Light from the dust lane surrounding the outer edge of the Sombrero Galaxy in Virgo had taken a long 30 million years travelling through the silence of space to arrive on Earth. Just as it did, Abi and Aaron looking up through the telescope eyepiece, intercepted it, thus viewing their first ever galaxy … We hopped through the night from individual stars of fascination, to star clusters of countless stars, planetary nebula, galaxies, spectacular Jupiter and Saturn and finally a rising third quarter Moon displaying its beautiful craters…

“My husband and I had a very enjoyable and memorable night attending the Honeysuckles Astro Tour. We have always had a casual interest in space and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to use such a magnificent telescope! Bruce was full of wisdom and mind-boggling facts about all of the sights. He was also very friendly and took a lot of time to try and capture the best views of all of the sights. Highlights included seeing Saturn and Jupiter, checking out some globular clusters (where you can see many millions of stars at once) and seeing whole galaxies (including the aptly named Sombrero Galaxy). Honeysuckles was also a great location to space-gaze and the view of the night sky was incredible from there. Truly an out-of-this-world experience! ” Abi

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