Neil And Family Return For A Journey Amongst The Planets

October 17, 2022

Neil, Rachel And Gabrielle View Solar System Gas Giants … And More

Returning five months later, Neil and family were overnight guests once again of Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours; this time to particularly view the gas giants of our Solar System. Whilst Jupiter and Saturn have “close” encounters with Earth every year (plus a few months) they are rarely able to be seen in these close positions at the same time. … Usually, one or the other is favourable and a few months later the other can be seen exceptionally well. But in 2021 and 2022 observers have been fortunate to be able to view both planets exceptionally, on the same night. This aspect is a rare event and is  due to the orbital positions of the two planets in relation to each other and in relation to Earth. All the planets have very different distances to travel to complete one circuit of the Sun and lining up with other can be many years apart.

We have until the end of November to take best advantage of this double act. But now, we have in our view the added bonus of Neptune, the “way out there” blue gas giant.

Problems here on Earth??? Not when you’re looking at these beauties. Your mind is in a very different space, literally! 🙂


“Tour 2 – A great way to spend a Saturday evening. Even managed to read the instructions on my Fuji X-T30 II and capture a few pictures. Thanks for the 2nd tour, Bruce. Can’t believe we got to see Saturn & Jupiter so clearly.”

… Neil Oct ’22

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