Nancy And Amy Just Love Those Galaxies!

September 13, 2023

After Waiting Many Months Their Dreams Came True …

Nancy booked their astronomy tour and three night stay at our beach paradise and star gazing headquarters, in the hope of seeing Deep Space like they had imagined, but never seen. Several observing attempts elsewhere had not gone well due to either large crowds or poor conditions at the observing site. To their delight – and our great satisfaction, those wishes were fulfilled with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours: where quality of the observing experience is what we strive for …

A clear and still night enabled a grand tour covering a variety of different objects from individual stars, to large nearby galaxies each revealing one hundred billion stars. We also viewed star forming regions where stars are in the process of being born. It’s a great experience to see objects which to the naked eye are nothing more than small insignificant “blobs”, but through a powerful telescope reveal an entire “universe” in the view of the eyepiece. Ringed planet Saturn was also a viewing feature of the night.

A wilderness beach rounds off a relaxing three night stay away from Melbourne. It is hoped long lasting memories of the tour experience will live on, giving Nancy and Amy a new appreciation for what a dark starry sky can reveal as seen through a telescope 🙂

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