Matthew And Zoey Revisit The Stars

July 2, 2024

The Southern Skies Have Called Them Back For More

Matt and Zoey enjoyed a starry experience some years ago in New Zealand, however they yearned to see more. Discovering Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours enabled them to fulfil this desire, perfectly. Our tours are uniquely just for your small private group (up to 4) so each person has lots of time to enjoy all the different views through the telescope … And on a good night, these views can number many and are spectacular.

July started with very low nighttime temperatures and on Matt and Zoey’s evening the temperature dropped to below zero. However if you come prepared (and we advise guests to ensure they have the right clothing) the still night has it compensations. A frost means clear skies and clear still skies means good viewing. The pair enjoyed galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, “triple” stars and more. We also like to give an overview of the sky as seen with the naked eye. Dark skies are very rarely seen these days due to excessive light pollution which is not only a problem for star gazing, but a problem for human health and the biosphere generally. (when will mankind get the message!)  But there is no such problem at The Honeysuckles so health, great views and local flora and fauna live well 🙂

It would not surprise us to see Matt and Zoey back later in the year to observe our Solar System gas giants along with other deep space beauties. Late spring/early summer will be a great time. We hope to see them again.

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