Mark And Linda From The U.S.A. Enjoy Starry Skies Downunder

May 29, 2024

Globular Clusters Steal The Show

Mark and Linda from Massachusetts are on a whirlwind Australian holiday taking in some of our county’s top destinations. We were delighted they chose to include Victoria’s Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours on their very tight schedule.

North Americans have a very different night sky to our own Great Southern Sky. For our northern hemisphere guests, we offer a feast of astronomical delights; many which cannot be surpassed for their size and beauty.

It’s not easy for observers to pick a “favourite object” because like a selection of quality chocolates, one often loves them all! Nonetheless we feel compelled to ask our guests this question! It also helps them to reflect back on what they have seen and what it was about an object that particularly appealed to them … For Mark and Linda, three of our great southern gems not surprisingly shared first prize; Omega Centauri, 47 Tucana and the Tarantula Nebula. They also loved the Sombrero Galaxy and Centaurus A – two marvellous galaxies in our region.

Our guests had a sound sleep overnight in our cottage. First activity in the morning was a stroll along our adjacent sunlit and deserted ocean beach before returning for their provided breakfast, finally heading back to Melbourne to resume “tourist duties”. We anticipate they will have very fond memories of their stargazing experience when they return to the U.S.

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