Lou’s Birthday Present Delivers A Journey Through Space

May 28, 2024

Tarantula Nebula Has Lou And Zoe Spellbound

Perfectly clear and still conditions prevailed for Lou’s birthday gift from the family upon his retirement. Daughter Zoe accompanied her dad on a fabulous tour taking in some of the Southern Sky’s most notable objects. For our two guests, the Great Tarantula Nebula – the largest star forming region know and situated inside the Large Magellanic Cloud, was the highlight of the night. And there were many highlights.

The small group also observed four distant galaxies and looked into the heart of our own Milky Way System where the Carina Nebula is to be found. The sights were awesome (in the true sense of the word). We are confident there will be a number of discussions reflecting back on the night and the unforgettable sights the pair witnessed. Following one of our astronomy tours, it’s hard to think the same way about our world ever again. It can’t help but become a much bigger and mor amazing place than you had ever previously imagined.

“My dad and I did a Honeysuckles Astronomy Tour last week and I would highly recommend this experience! Bruce was extremely knowledgeable, and we had some great conversations throughout the tour over a bottle of red. Thanks for a great evening Bruce; the tarantula nebula is truly something I’ll never forget!”  Zoe   Google 

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