Stunning Jupiter and Saturn – A Pair Of Aces

July 8, 2020

Happy Birthday Simon!

Joanna’s birthday present to Simon was an Astro Tour: Simon’s hopes were a good view of Jupiter and Saturn … delivered happily by Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours.

Remarkably, three of the family party had birthdays this same week. Pictured with Jo are two of the party animals Simon and James 🙂 … Within a fortnight of both planets being in conjunction (close points) with Earth – 14th and 21st July, viewing was again spectacular. In just a few days we have twice witnessed a Europa transit shadow and the Great Red Spot, together with considerable detail in wispy bands traversing the giant planet. Saturn with many moons and the beautiful ring system also once again showed why so many telescopes are bought just to see that magnificent Solar System object …

“The Honeysuckles Astro Tour was the perfect birthday surprise for my husband during a winter stay. Our 6 year old also really enjoyed the experience.
We had to be patient with the weather, but Bruce made sure we made the most of the opportunity when it came, and saw everything we wanted to see.
Bruce’s knowledge and enthusiasm made for a fascinating evening with his amazing telescope, with fantastic views of Jupiter, Saturn, and the stars, including a red star and the ‘jewel box’ star cluster.
A memorable evening, that we would highly recommend.”  Jo

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