James And Laura See Saturn and Jupiter – Up Close!

August 22, 2022

James And Laura See Saturn And Jupiter – Up Close!

A cool winter’s night does not take away from a heart-warming view of our Solar System’s giants Jupiter and Saturn, currently on full display. For Laura, Saturn was a priority target to view.

The appearance to us on Earth of Saturn’s rings is constantly changing, albeit slowly. Every 15 years they move from being titled up, to tilted down as viewed from Earth, taking it from one extreme to the other extreme. Half way in-between, for a brief period, the rings are edge-on to us and temporarily all but disappear from view. They are currently several years away from going edge on and are in the closing phase currently.

Saturn and Jupiter are regular spectacular viewing objects yearly but this year can be viewed within a few hours as each other on the same viewing night. This therefore makes the current year very appealing to view them: August through to November being the best time.

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