International “Time Travelers” Adore Our Rich Southern Skies

February 3, 2024

The Finest Is On Offer For Our Family Guests From The U.K. And U.S.

Rob is from Manchester and his partner Hannah is from Connecticut. They are now both living in Melbourne. Lea, Hannah’s sister who manages a National Park on a remote island in the middle of Lake Superior in the U.S. is here visiting with their father Richard, who still resides in Connecticut. Our tour was an international group with northern hemisphere origins, very keen to observe our heralded dark southern skies. Their journey with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours was everything they had hoped for, providing spellbinding naked eye views of the Milky Way and close up views of some of our very best objects.

The sky was clear all night and with excellent viewing conditions. Highlights were many, starting with giant planet Jupiter and leisurely extended gazing at magnificent globular clusters, wonderful nebulae and star clusters. The Carina Nebula is probably the most spectacular view into the Milky Way visible from anywhere on Earth. The Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud and Great Orion Nebula have few peers as star-forming regions visible through a telescope.

The morning following our tour, guests enjoy our “house special” omelet and a walk along the beach behind our cottage. It’s a wonderful getaway experience … even worth a trip from England and the United States! 🙂

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