Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours Has A Special Guest

May 25, 2023

Our Friend And Astro Photographer Tours The Night Sky With Us

Dr. Russell Cockman who we credit with providing his glorious deep space images found throughout this website, was our special guest for an astronomy tour and stay. Amateur and the more serious astronomy enthusiasts will often fall into one of two camps – visual or photography. In his own time, Russell will spend many nights with his camera and telescope equipment fully engaged in capturing faint photons of light over many hours and nights to ultimately produce stunning images of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and more. On this occasion, Russell spent a relaxing few hours “looking” at some of the objects with us, he has spent so much time in the past “capturing” for others to enjoy.

Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours uses a very high quality large aperture telescope, made here in Victoria by SDM Telescopes (Size Does Matter!). The owner of the business Mr. Peter Read, is a craftsman of the highest order and is admired by all in the field for his attention to detail in delivering the best telescope of its kind in this category. It is therefore an excellent fit that this highly skilled astro photographer should enjoy an evening observing through a Peter Read telescope! And we were delighted to host the occasion.

Even for the very experienced, observing objects one has seen many times before brings a new thrill each time. There is no tiring of seeing an object in space containing one hundred billion stars, or expelling a colourful display of gas into interstellar space around it. The mind and imagination are taken to new places with every view. 🙂

To view Russell’s stunning images (including the latest Total Solar Eclipse from Exmouth W.A. in April ’23) visit
Russell’s Astronomy

SDM Telescopes

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