Happy Birthday Srilatha!

May 5, 2024

Family Celebrates Mum’s Birthday With A Telescope Observing First

Sreeram and seven year old Dharkin helped celebrate Srilatha’s birthday with a special overnight stay with telescope stargazing evening with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours. For all three of them it was a first time looking through a telescope. It was a great place to start!

The night began with some dodging and weaving of high cloud, but by evening’s end, the sky had cleared and  spectacular views were achieved of the great Southern Sky objects; objects for which our skies are famous. We always ask each guest which was their favourite object. (different objects appeal to different folk) Last night, the Sombrero Galaxy scored two votes, with the Jewel Box Star Cluster collecting the third guest vote as their favourite 🙂  … All very worthy prize-winners!

“Bruce is very knowledgeable person with so much patience and passion to show and explain us the wonders of universe. I would definitely recommend for any astronomy enthusiastic person. Had great sight of galaxies, nebula and star clusters. Accommodation is also very decent. Had great time.”
Sreeram    Google 

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