George And Kim Enjoy Southern Sky Giants

October 8, 2023

A Night Sky Full Of Surprises Awaits Those Who Care To Wonder

Our intrepid adventurers keen to experience different life experiences from Hot Air Ballooning to Wild Water Kayaking, had determined they also wanted a stella space adventure to some of the great places in our universe. George from China and Kim from Hong Kong would be new to our rich southern skies and we were able to show them some of our gems travelers from the northern hemisphere come all this way to see. They live in Melbourne now, but were looking forward to getting acquainted.


Out tour included planets, star forming regions, bright globular clusters and more. It may not end there. George and Kim may return early in the new year when a sky full of new objects is available to see. We look forward to future journeys through space showing them “the sights”. It’s a big place up there and there’s no shortage of marvels to behold 🙂


“Got to enjoy a great night out under the stars. Lovely chats with Bruce while we were waiting for clouds to clear, but we finally got there! Absolutely fantastic experience, great cozy place right on the beach, and even better omelettes. Will return again and make it a longer stay during summer!”   George   Google

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