Fun … Under The Suns!

June 19, 2020

Fun Under The Suns …

Scientists, Serious? … You would think when you get a couple of scientists together you might be in for some no-nonsense stargazing. Think again.

Following spectacular views of gas giants Jupiter and Saturn this chemist and physicist were keen to show they also knew the locations of Neptune and yep, you guessed it, Uranus. Anything to keep warm on a cold night. And it worked!

Jupiter and Saturn are currently enjoying a must see epoch – a once in twenty year occurrence when they are both optimally viewed at the same time. This is big and enthusiasts keen to view them through a large telescope have June/July/August to do it. Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours gives you exclusive time at the eyepiece at different powers to marvel at each planet for as long as you like.

Danny, Peter and Mal spent some hours on a full tour, but our giant Solar System neighbours were the highlight of the night for all three of them.

“Such a fantastic experience to gaze in absolute awe at our galaxy and beyond!    It was a clear, moonless night – so perfect for looking at the stars! There were so many to see and far beyond my expectations.  Bruce, the owner of Honeysuckle Astronomy Tours, shared his endless enthusiasm and deep knowledge on astronomy with all of us.  I learnt so much about our solar system, stars and our galaxy using Bruce’s giant 20 inch Dobsonian telescope.  Along with the star clusters, highlights for me were the Trifid, Lagoon and Swan nebulae and a bit closer to home, Jupiter and Saturn.  I thoroughly recommend staying overnight as Bruce cooks up an excellent breakfast!”    Malcolm Duffield – June 2020

“To Bruce
Thanks so much for a wonderful evening of Star Gazing.
So much to take in:
The millions of stars in the Star Clusters were
a powerful reminder of the infiniteness of the Universe;
The views of the Galaxies that looked like hamburgers;
The Rings of Saturn were so clear and to actually see
some of its Moons, Ahhh so good, I’m still dreaming;
What about the Pointers? Very deceptive until you get the close up.
Thank you for all the effort you put in to make it a good night for the 3 of us.
I am still debating how many Stars for Breakfast,
6 out of 5 maybe?
You have a great set up in a beautiful location and we all want to
come back again.
Thank You”
Peter Rosenboom

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