Frosty NIghts Are No Deterrent When The Views Are This Good

July 3, 2024

Amelia, Tom And Sibella Endure Minus 3 For The Hottest Sights In Space

Victoria has been experiencing a cold snap this week with frosty nights testing guests’ resolve, as well as their winter gear! Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours have conducted tours on two successive nights where temperatures were sub zero, but alas there were no complaints forthcoming. In fact, it was just the opposite … Frosty nights means still and clear conditions are prevailing and that is ideal for observing.

The family of three had a wonderful evening and thirteen year old Sibella was equally delighted with Amelia and Tom at the spectacular and fascinating objects observed deep in space. It happens on tours every time and we are delighted as guests are amazed at how the most insignificant hazy patch in the sky is properly revealed when the telescope is turned upon it. We await the “wows”, “cools” and other comments all ages can mutter when their eye takes in the view. The fun continues when we discuss distances and comparative sizes of objects! It’s all one great hoot and cold toes aside in winter, a sip or two of wine over a couple of hours staring into galaxies and other miraculous structures is an uplifting experience.

The individuals in the family group as usual had different “favourite objects”, but there’s something for everyone’s taste up in space 🙂

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