From Schoolboy Chemistry To The Biggest Laboratory There Is: Space.

November 26, 2022

Alan Turns School Days’ Science Practice Into A Long Awaited Chemistry Dream


When it comes to chemistry at work on a grand scale, stars and space are big on practical demonstration! And despite a keen interest in matters astronomical from a young age, looking through a telescope had never been something Alan managed to achieve. Finally, this intriguing proposition has been attended to – and in style.

At Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours our telescope is an observatory grade instrument able to provide deep space views to satisfy any observer keen for a close up view of near and distant interstellar objects. Alan’s first views were of Jupiter and Saturn and like most people observing them through a telescope for the first time, the sounds of delight and surprise are quick to follow arrival at the eyepiece. This comes as no surprise. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the planet’s colourful bands and prominent Galilean moons never fail to bring a very positive reaction. It also surprises viewers by how big it is. Saturn’s ring system is a constant source of delight. With both these objects we like to spend time here because they really do fascinate the observer.

Next, we accelerate well beyond the Solar System to faraway star formations and giant gas clouds – nebulae, then on to distant galaxies. For Alan, like all space travelers enjoying a ride with us, they never quite know what is next in line to surprise them! But that’s half the fun. The journey and the destination will intrigue and fascinate and that’s just the way we like it.



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