From Restrictions Of Lockdown To Endless Pleasures Of Space

November 15, 2020

…  “Dodo” And Bridgette Out Of Melbourne – “Astounded At What We Saw”


Engaged Melburnians “Dodo” and Bridgette were in Gippsland for a few days having escaped Melbourne at the first opportunity after the Coronavirus lockdown was lifted. They could not have picked a better place to get a renewed sense of freedom – and SPACE!!

It was a near ideal night for stargazing through the telescope. Seeing (viewing through the atmosphere) conditions were very good and the air temperature was mild. Both had limited past experience looking through a telescope, so starting at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours was like by-passing the Cessna and boarding a Jumbo for your first flight!

Jupiter, Saturn and Mars led the charge. You can imagine the pleasure at seeing these Solar System “stars of the show” in fine detail for the first time ever. Galaxies, nebulae and individual stars of fascination followed. 47 Tucanae, one of THE great target objects visible from Earth, was as good as it has ever presented. Bright, sharp and simply, brilliant.

As Dodo later said about the evening …  “We were both astounded and couldn’t stop talking about it on the way back ” … Can’t get more pleasing feedback than that.

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