First Views Of Saturn One Never Forgets

August 13, 2023

Marc’s Birthday Gift Included Views Of The Magic Ringed Planet At Its Best

It was a cool August evening, but after early cloud patches cleared the heavens opened up giving Marc and Chanel splendid views of the secrets hidden in our dark night skies. Small insignificant hazy patches in the sky one would normally pay no heed to become spectacular unimaginable objects once they are observed through the eyepiece. This is what stargazing with the aid of a powerful telescope at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours is all about …. showing guests sights they could not have imagined.

The Matildas had just kicked their way into the Semi-Finals of the Women’s World Cup, just around the time early cloud was beginning to clear for a night outside under the stars. Not now on the soccer field of stars, but the observation field where the telescope sits ready. One is transported far away in every sense when one looks at a far distant group of stars numbering in the tens of millions. Do they play soccer up there??? Probably not. But it’s only a matter of time before “someone” picks up a live broadcast of a game from Earth and copycat games begin! More fantasy! Never mind. Space is a place to let your imagination stir. Just let it go 🙂

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