“First Timers” Blown Away By A Night Sky Filled With Delights

May 30, 2022

Rachel, Neil And Gabrielle Marvel At Carina And More

The Carina Nebula – sitting plum in the central view of our Milky Way, along  with spectacular star Eta Carina at its heart, is a fabulous object. It is an astronomical observing target filled with features. Sitting high in the sky at this time of year the area is easily visible not far from the Southern Cross.

…. A star forming region with bright gas clouds (nebulae) and dark dust lanes swirling in-between, a bright orange star which has been expelling gas from its centre for 180,000 years, grabs the viewer’s attention.  This was just one object our happy guests of Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours marveled at during their observing evening.

The family of 3 from Traralgon who had never looked through a telescope before, enjoyed an overnight stay, first having a long beach walk upon their arrival in the afternoon, a bbq for dinner with their favourite red then an observing night to remember.  In the morning breakfast was provided followed by another pictoresque walk before their departure. The family plans a return tour night: it’s not hard to understand why 🙂

“My wife brought the tour for myself and my daughter as a Christmas gift. The tour, for us as newbies to a telescope, was fantastic. Bruce’s knowledge of astronomy was first class and the objects that we saw were unbelievable. This was an absolutely fantastic tour and Bruce was a great host. We will certainly go back for more!”    Neil May ’22

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