English Guests Love Our Southern Skies

February 24, 2023

Christmas In Australia – Adam’s Star-Filled Present From Sophie


Looking up into the heavens at night from the southern shores of England will present the viewer with a completely different vista to those of the antipodes. In the area in England Sophie and Adam are from, the “Pole Star” and other well known northern hemisphere asterisms known to northerners, rule the night sky. Whereas from the other side of the planet, the Southern Cross and Magellanic Clouds are two of the landmarks everyone fortunate enough to see the sky, will happily encounter.

Our English guests are staying in Australia briefly on work sojourns and Sophie considered a star gazing tour by the sea would be a great combination for them both to enjoy. After all, Australia’s beaches and our southern skies both have serious reputations to live up to and this would be a good test for Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours of both!

Adam’s gift was the perfect answer. Swimming on the afternoon of arrival and a long walk along a golden deserted beach in the morning, followed a breathtaking evening in near perfect conditions observing some of our sky’s finest. The pair were entranced by many of the objects viewed and often were in a state of disbelief at what they were seeing. Without any prior expectations, that may not surprise, but that is often the way it is. A powerful telescope reveals amazing sights and when the sky is clear … and dark, the rewards will surprise and delight. Adam was taken with the planetary nebula “Ghost Of Jupiter” displaying its beautiful blue hue with the tiny remnant dwarf star at the nebula’s core surrounded by an inner blue halo. He also liked the giant Tarantula Nebula. Sophie was captured by The Great Orion Nebula with dozens of newly formed stars visible embedded in the vast gas cloud. Both were also in awe of the stunning Sombrero Galaxy, resembling something straight from an epic blockbuster space epic!

Our individual Tour Memento for guests includes pic’s taken of guests at  the eyepiece during unforgettable observing moments, as well as a list of all objects seen on the night. It’s a souvenir many will treasure, as they have told us.

“What a fantastic experience! We booked a 1 night stay and enjoyed every second of it. From the time spent on the beach, to the evening BBQ (and morning omelette), and of course the evening looking up into the heavens – it was something to remember! Bruce was great to chat to and ask questions about the night sky. The views you can see through the telescope – and the naked eye – are mind blowing. Nothing else like it!”     … Sophie  Google

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