Edwin And Dee From Singapore Just Love Our Sandy Beaches And Starry Skies

June 16, 2023

Our Astronomy Tour And Beach Stay Were A Must For Our Friends From Singapore

With only two weeks holiday in Victoria to visit relations in Melbourne, Edwin and Dee also had another priority “to do” on their trip “down-under”: to see our superb southern skies through a large telescope in a fabulous natural environment setting. Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours was able to provide just the solution.

It’s not hard to imagine the stark contrast between a night sky in Singapore and a night sky on a remote part of the Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria. And then there’s also the endless and deserted sandy beach right there that goes on forever. One can only imagine the delight and pleasure it must be to spend a little time here to experience the difference … and sense of freedom.

And so it was, Edwin and Dee spent some hours gazing through our large aperture telescope at some of the spectacular starry objects that are up there in space. Objects of mystery and beauty which were just waiting for someone to look upon them and be in awe. Omega Centauri, magnificent Centaurus A galaxy, Eta Carina are just a few of the sky’s most majestic sights that were observed. In Singapore, the light pollution is intense and one sees nothing in the night sky. By contrast, from The Honeysuckles, one sees the intricacy of the Milky Way overhead and a host of curiosities that entice … and demand a closer look. By the end of the tour Edwin and Dee were changed from their experience. The sky now means more to them than it has ever meant. They have travelled across space and seen it with their own eyes! It was a revelation.


“My wife and I took the astronomy tour with Bruce. Bruce has one of the largest (reflective, Newtonian) telescopes in probably the entire state of Victoria, and it can be used to see faint galaxies and even structures inside other galaxies like the Tarantula Nebula. What you will see through this telescope will be a religious experience and teaches humility about our place in the universe.

Honeysuckles itself is the best place to see the Milky Way and the neighboring galaxies the Magellanic Clouds with the naked eye. The beach is pristine and over many days you’d be lucky if you see anyone else on the beach.

It is impossible to replicate this experience anywhere else on Earth.”    Edwin  Google

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