David And Catherine Do A Clean Sweep Of The Universe!

February 16, 2023

David And Catherine Do A Clean Sweep Of The Universe! … Well, almost.


Another astronomy tour birthday present finds its way to an astronomy enthusiast from a kind-hearted partner. But as invariably happens, the giver once again got as much pleasure from the gift, as the receiver! At Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours we are delighted to hear the “oooohs and aaaahs” and “wows” in equal measure from both or all parties when the present is “unwrapped”. We are not surprised because the objects one sees are totally unexpected and strong reactions are common – even from the most passive personalities 🙂


Catherine had bought David a tour and the evening as a whole was one great moment after another. The overnight stay tour booking began from a leisurely walk along the ocean beach behind our beach cottage prior to a bbq dinner, to an outstanding clear and still evening looking through the telescope into the wee hours. Many differing superb objects were observed and enjoyed, accompanied by a glass of red. In the morning another beach walk in the sunshine to then return to a home-made omelet provided by the host and enjoyed on the decking overlooking the garden. All in all a diverse day and overnight experience thoroughly enjoyed in every aspect. Our viewing night was rounded off with a couple of galaxies many millions of light years distant. Has to be the coolest gift indeed – for anyone!

Catherine and David’s short video review

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