Cris And Tass Revisit A Favourite Place – Space!

March 29, 2022

Cris And Tass Return For Another Magical Night Under The Stars …

Perhaps the omelette on the morning after, with the fresh herbs straight from the garden is the main drawcard. Or it might be the lodgings and the sense of remoteness that comes from a pristine sandy beach at your door. Whatever it is Cris and Tass love a visit to Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours in Gippsland! The “Leo Triplet” – 3 galaxies in one, the Sombrero Galaxy and Omega Centauri were just a few of the stunning objects enjoyed over  red wine … It’s not hard to take and my guess is we’ll see Cris and Tass back in spring when Jupiter and Saturn are ruling the skies once more. 🙂

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