Catie’s Combined Christmas And Birthday Present Was The Best!

February 4, 2024

A Summer’s Day And Summer’s Night – Clear And Breathtaking

A clear, still and mild summer’s night is a great way to spend a few hours exploring the night sky. Catie, having received a fabulous combined Christmas and birthday gift from partner Brennan did exactly that. And the sky obliged putting on a memorable show for them both.

We began by steering first to Jupiter to capture it while it was still quite high in the sky. Following Jupiter we scooted well beyond the Solar System taking us ultimately by evening’s end, some 65 million light years away. At that distance, the light from the galaxy we were observing had left the galaxy while dinosaurs were walking on planet Earth, only just arriving at our guest’s eyes through the telescope eyepiece 65 million years later (i.e. last night!) That is mind boggling to say the least. But much of what folks see through our telescope is mind boggling. It’s the greatest show on Earth! (or Off Earth!)

The couple had little or no previous telescope viewing experience and we walked them through the process so they understood how to get the best views. This is an important part of the process. By night’s end, Catie and Brennan had enjoyed some of the best deep space object visible from Earth. Galaxies, star forming regions, beautiful clusters and more. They had come – and traveled, a long way!

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