Canadian Guest Sees Some Southern Sky Belles

April 18, 2023

Devin’s Short Holiday In Australia Featured First A Tour With Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours


And what better way to share the experience than with Australian friends Emily and Alyse whom Devin had met when they were living and working in Canada.

All three were stage-struck by the objects they saw, which included some of the Southern Hemisphere’s finest offerings. In addition to the two most outstanding globular clusters known, a pair of magnificent galaxies were high in the sky to present at their cosmic viewing best. There was then the now defunct star “Ghost Of Jupiter” displaying a beautiful blue gas cloud and inner halo with the remnant white dwarf clearly visible at its centre.

The evening provided a cross-section of unbelievable sights that never fail to stun the observer. From such an insignificant sight to the naked eye (if visible at all that is) to half a million – or billion(!) stars in the view. It is simply not possible to look up at a dark starry sky ever again from wherever you are and think the same way about it … or in truth, us. In time and space for all our “grandness” and presence, we are the tiniest part having just a fleeting visit in this endless and timeless universe.

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