Can You Spot The Dwarf Star?

March 11, 2021

Can You Spot The Dwarf  Star?

A gift for husband Colin – an avid astronomy enthusiast, Jacki became every bit as enthused herself once the Tour Of The Universe” began! From the moment a person sees what is actually up there, it’s hard not to become engrossed by the whole darn thing.
As well as bold, brilliant bewildering objects, there can be more challenging views that hold the observers interest by testing their observational talents:  spotting a dying small star – a white dwarf at the centre of the gas cloud, for instance. Planetary nebulae are colourful gaseous end-of-life events for stars and hold just such a challenge. Spotting the remnant tiny star can be quite demanding. Jacki was triumphant with the beautiful “Ghost of Jupiter” planetary nebula. For both Jacki and Colin, the magical Carina Nebula with massive star Eta Carina’s gas expulsion of recent times, was also a viewing highlight. The night was filled with highlights …

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