Busy Professionals Enjoy The Ultimate Getaway Experience

October 21, 2022

Naren And Sasya Explore Space And Sea From The One Destination


When life in the big smoke gets too hectic, a good wind down is called for to take you away from it all!

A journey to Gippsland for a few days with an adventure at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours is a great way to do just that: just ask Naren and Sasya … Long time lovers of darks skies following Central Australian visits, our tour package was a logical next step for them to not only get away from busy lives in Melbourne, but also get up close and personal with some of the universe’s mysterious treasures.

Their tour night was special. Beautiful clear and still skies revealed a Spring time display of faraway galaxies, star forming regions, clusters  and three of our Solar System’s gas giants including well known Jupiter and Saturn. It was a fabulous evening with a nice glass of port thrown in to ward off a cool night air.

Next day, a still warm and sunny morning awaited Naren and Sasya who had set their alarm to get up early to capture a magic sunrise over the ocean. Some folk sleep in – not these two! 🙂 …. a long solitary beach walk around sunrise was on their agenda. Upon returning, our omelet breakfast cooked with fresh herbs from the garden was served on the decking, to a welcoming chorus from the local birdlife.

Sasya and Naren’s thoughts about their tour experience can be heard in a short video link here. (many thanks) We hope to see them back at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours in the new year. (even if it’s just for the omelet!!)

“Thank you Bruce for a wonderful evening.
We had a great experience watching planets, nebulas and star forming regions millions of light years away. It was a once in a life time experience and Bruce is an excellent host and very knowledgeable!
Bruce’s beautiful property opens onto the ninety mile beach and the sunrise is something you can’t miss!
100% recommend!”     Sasya

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