Bonny Shares Her Love Of The Stars With Adam

December 15, 2023

Adam Was Amazed With What He Saw – From One Object To The Next!

It was a first time looking through a telescope for Adam (and what a way to start!) whereas Bonny had experienced the delights of owning her own telescope in times past. It was her mission to properly introduce Adam to the wonders of space – with our assistance, of course. And it was a terrific night. Following a few pesky clouds early on we had an uninterrupted night of glorious viewing.

Saturn and Jupiter started the show both crystal clear and looking super impressive. Globular clusters, galaxies and star forming regions followed leaving both Adam and Bonny entranced by what they were seeing. It is always difficult to imagine how a small “fuzzy nothing” to the naked eye could be something so spectacular. It’s even more amazing when you see nothing at all with the naked eye, but then through the telescope see a galaxy with one hundred billion stars being revealed! We delight at the surprise and pleasure our guests experience when seeing these astounding views for the first time. It comes as no surprise to us either – we too are still astounded, even after seeing them many, many times. 🙂

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