Birthday Tour “Long Weekend” Makes For One With The Lot

April 15, 2023

Extra Nights Holiday Option Was A Winner For Patrick And Beth


The benefits of an Astronomy Tour Overnight Stay with added extra nights of the holiday option, came up trumps for Beth’s superb birthday gift for Patrick. With a passion for the night sky and a love for the Great Orion Nebula in particular (though this object had never been seen by Patrick through a telescope) our first choice tour evening which was not possible due to cloud was able to be switched to a following night when viewing was ideal. As well as enjoying a great holiday by the beach on your doorstep, this extra insurance of high probability that your tour will take place is a very worthwhile reason to consider an “add-on” holiday stay Option to your single overnight stay booking.

Seeing conditions (the term referring to viewing conditions for astronomers when looking through a telescope) were excellent and cloud played no part during the entire evening’s viewing. Both Patrick and Beth who love nature and the outdoors had not previously looked through a telescope of consequence. Their experience with us was a game-changing event for them (as it is for most people seeing the universe in this way for the first time).

There is simply no way a person can anticipate what they are going to experience when they approach the eyepiece to see what is in store for them. It is like a secret is about to be revealed. The feeling afterwards can often be that the matters and preoccupations we allow to clutter our day-to-day thoughts are actually trivial and almost irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. There is a beauty and vastness that transcends our self-centred way of looking at things when you look at one hundred billion stars in one view and what this could possibly represent! The “world” is big! … and we are terribly small. It’s all good, but this is a great lesson in perspective 🙂

“I know one thing for certain, we will never look at the stars the same ever again!
Many thanks”   Beth and Pat 

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