Birthday Presents Don’t Come Much Better

March 18, 2023

Brendan’s Birthday Present From Ashleigh Is The Best!


A clear and perfect autumn night was the setting for Brendan’s stargazing birthday gift.

Following a leisurely walk along the sun-drenched ocean beach behind our property Brendan and Ashleigh enjoyed a banquet style barbeque accompanied by a favourite red. The evening was just getting started. Dinner complete, at sunset the telescope was set up commencing several hours of superb viewing by Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours. A brief commentary to guests about the view of what they are seeing when they look skyward on a dark starry night commenced proceedings, helping to put some perspective on it all. The guests learn from this and we are regularly reminded how fascinating the universe really is. One never tires at the vastness and magnificence of it all.

Our tour night started with local objects in our galactic neighbourhood, working our way up in complexity of what was observed and distance away. In awe of all they observed, Ashleigh and “birthday boy” Brendan, were finally treated to two magnificent faraway galaxies with time spent relishing these sights using multiple eyepieces to good effect providing very different perspectives of the two “island universes”.

The tour ended well after midnight. The pair were pleasantly tired and at the same time invigorated by what they had seen.

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