Bernie, Sonya And Kids Enjoy A weekend Under The Stars!

April 25, 2023

A Long Weekend Treat For The Whole Family


Access to an observatory grade telescope for a whole evening of star gazing is a special treat for adults and offspring alike. Bernie, Sonya, Fox and Banjo were our guests and we were delighted to take them on a tour of the southern sky’s best objects.

Astronomy tours take place all year round and reveal different objects throughout the year, each with their own story. Autumn is a fabulous time for spectacular objects and the time is enhanced by mild weather in the evenings. For our family group – as with all newcomers looking through a powerful telescope, the views invariably amaze. Naked eye views of even the best dark skies cannot prepare the viewer for what will be revealed when they look through the eyepiece. Stars that appear as one in the sky, can actually be two or three stars; tiny insignificant hazy patches in the sky can be immense gaseous star forming regions. Or an area in the dark sky where nothing appears to be there, conceals a galaxy – now revealed, containing one hundred billion stars.

Bernie, Sonya and family experienced the brilliance of our best globular clusters, on open star cluster with colourful stars, the magic Carina Nebula in the heart of our Milky Way and two distant splendid galaxies and more. It was a memorable night and a great way to spend an evening exploring our wonderful world of space.

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