Aussies And Their German Friends Enjoy Space – And Plenty Of It!

November 19, 2023

Southern Sky Wonders Delight European And Local Guests

On holiday in Australia for three weeks are Jay and Mieke from Berlin. They are being shown some of Australia’s east coast spectacles from the Barrier Reef in the north to Wilson’s Prom in the south by their very good Aussie friends Tim and Alexis. And part of that fabulous sight-seeing journey has been a personalized astronomy tour with an overnight stay by the beach with us at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours. It could not be a better way to add to the fabulous treats they have been providing their northern hemisphere friends. The skies from the south are very different to those in the north and some of the rich prizes were on show.

Far away galaxies and star forming regions were combined with up close views of Jupiter and Saturn. Even the unusual sight of a shadow transit on Jupiter featured late in proceedings. (shadow transits occur when one of Jupiter’s main moons crosses in front of the massive planet blocking sunlight producing a black, round, transiting shadow passing over Jupiters surface) Viewing conditions were ideal.

A bbq had preceded the evening tour and an omelet for breakfast was served up to our guests in the morning. It was a terrific experience all enjoyed and some beach shells have been souvenired to find their way back to Germany in a week’s time 🙂


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