Astrophysics Graduate And Son Enjoy A Grand (Astronomy) Tour

July 8, 2024

Ascelin and Tarn Survey The Real World Through Clear Night Skies

Studying particle physics and astronomy is one thing, but viewing it all through a powerful telescope on a sparkling clear dark night is where the “rubber hits the road”. And this father and son combination were able to combine an endless wilderness beach with endless deep space, on the ultimate weekend away!

The area around the Southern Cross and Pointers is dotted with different spectacular sights and in winter this region is high in the sky at the ideal observing time of the night. The area has some of the most notable objects to see from anywhere on Earth – both northern and southern hemispheres. It’s no wonder visitors come from around the world to south of the equator to see them. For those of us fortunate enough to live in Victoria, Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours provides a fabulous way to see these sights, while staying in a beachside cottage, itself a destination to enjoy for a night or for multiple nights.

Ascelin’s knowledge of physics and astronomy provided excellent “co-commentary” on the night as we moved from globular clusters to galaxies to triple stars and beyond. Everyone enjoyed the stargazing experience.

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